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Product knowledge of Hair weft

The hair curtain divides into the ordinary mechanism hair curtain, the hand-woven hair curtain and the ribbon hair curtain three kinds.

Is the hair by the row of good hair, divided into the customer needs a single gram of weight, in the three-line uniform discharge customer needs curtain length.

Mechanism of hair curtain


  1. Use of glue, so that the edge of the hair curtain more closely connected as a whole, to prevent hair loss
  2. Need to fold the edge, the part of the hair curtain line will fold 0.5-0.75 inch head.
  3. The hair curtain can be divided into three types: un-laminated, even-edge laminated and split-layer laminated.

1 Single Weft is the completion of the three-line, directly to the next process, general will be made into a head cover, ponytail, fishing line hair curtain, such as the need for high needle machine products.

2 Trim is the customer often do the curtain, the general finished product will be wrapped into a round head or flat head two styles.

The split Lamination is also called the step lamination and is usually used to make the clip.



  1. The glue is uneven, there is no glue hanging around the curtain
  2. The HEM isn’t straight
  3. The hair didn’t line up properly with the BARRETTES, causing some of the hair to fall out

4, the customer time is long, causes in the use process the glue to be invalid.

Hand-woven hair curtain
Hand-woven hair curtains are generally divided into 5 small, 6 small, 8 small and 10 small.

General Specification:
General 12-16 inch 8-10,18-22 inch 6-8,24 inch-30 inch 6. Of course, there are more, generally hand-woven size is relatively fixed, according to the average head circumference of women in each country, control between 11-13 inch. The more commonly used size is 11 inch.


  1. Pure manual processing, working time is longer.
    The edge of the curtain is very thin, and the belt is more comfortable
  2. Divide into smaller pieces, usually 100 grams can be divided into 6-10 pieces

Frequently asked questions:

Use a pair of scissors to cut through one end.

  1. The knitting process is not knotted properly.

Ribbon/flat hair curtain
Ribbon Hair Curtain: Can Do single-layer can do double Lamination, single-layer General to 120-140 cm, and the general length of the piece curtain is 90 cm-100 cm, 100 grams of weight. Can also be customized according to the grams of different curtain length.

Product is made by modified double needle machine. The ribbon and hair are smashed together. The glue is thick, so it will be baked in oven. The top edge is cut by scissors. Thinner than ordinary hair curtain, processing technology requirements are more stringent.

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