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What’s the difference between Remy hair and Braid Remy hair?

Inverted Remy Hair, Remy hair is also referred to all non-braided hair products, mainly from the raw materials are different. Pour shun raw materials are also mainly hair eggs, hair shaving, and other foaming raw materials are the same, but the processing technology is different so the price, uh, is also more expensive than foaming. If it is inverted hair, the best quality color is the right, the feel is also good, the service life is also long in Yunnan inverted shun, spring thick anti-make lighter color can float out.

Let me introduce some production technology of reverse synchrony. Inverted hair also known as inverted root hair is the use of inverted root machine will foam hair with hair follicles on one end and slightly part, can do scales toward the same, make the effect of hair. Pour is also from the foam raw materials, because the foam hair scale head and tail upside down, hair scales not in the same direction will appear knotted and so on, so that the foam raw materials after the root inverting machine, there is little chance of knotting. So it’s a little more expensive than the foam

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